7/8" SK1-HG razor with buffalo horn scales

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  • C130 hardened to HRC 62
  • 7/8" (23) wide blade
  • ~63mm cutting edge
  • Double-hollow (full hollow) grind
  • Mirror polish blade and hollow grind
  • Hand engraved maker's mark (HG)
  • Water buffalo horn scales and wedge
  • Phosphor-Bronze pivot bearing washers
  • Copper wedge pin and washers
  • Adjustable stainless steel pivot pins
  • Shave-ready (Honed with one layer of tape.)

Shaping, heat treatment, and even final sharpening/polishing are all done by hand, one by one. As a finishing step I use Japanese natural stones and Kanayama Cordovan Strop. The razor gets a test shave before it leaves the shop.

The price includes international shipping costs (First class priority mail).

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